Flowpack Foil

BOPP, CPP and 100% biodegradable-compostable PLA foils for vertical and horizontal flowpack machines. 

Available in thicknesses of 15 mμ - 40 mμ and various laminations, widths and with different perforation schemes (micro-, macro-perforation). 

Unprinted or printed with up to 6 colors.

Food Stretch Foil

Food stretch film is available in thicknesses from 8 to 18 mμ, also with perforation. 

The material can be printed with up to 6 colors and is suitable for manual and automatic packaging. 

Sealed foil

Antifog Duplex Film for MAP (CAST-Antifog + PET)
Available in different thicknesses, laminations and widths.
Unprinted or available with up to 6 colors.