Fibrapack┬« - Environmentally friendly packaging made of natural fibers

Pulp packaging products help brands and retailers show their customers that they care about the environment. The color, the look and the feel of the material of the products confirm your claim to environmental protection. Environmentally friendly material from renewable plants such as palm fiber, bamboo, rushes and others.

The trays are suitable for a variety of products, including fresh produce, delicatessen and baked goods.
The trays are certified compostable and suitable for home composting environments.
The trays are also recyclable with paper, renewable, FDA compliant for food grade packaging, and are suitable for high moisture environments such as mushrooms.
The trays can be packed by compostable flowpack or stretch foil.

You therefore have a 100% environmentally friendly packaging for your fruits and vegetables which can be 100% composted.
Extremely strong but also lightweight material protects your fruits and vegetables from bruising.