Since 2017, Frugema has been offering Freshcut products and fruit syrups under the "Frugema Premium" brand in cooperation with our long-term processing companies.

100% allergen-free and without preservatives, combined with long durability without any loss of quality, opens up new dimension in the market for freshcut products in logistics, profitability and marketing.

Manufactured in certified factories with most modern plants, "Frugema Premium" products meet the highest food standards.

Due to the long durability, we are able to supply Germany and Austria with fresh cut fruit and vegetables as well as fruit syrup.

Thanks most modern packaging plants, we can cover every requirement from 0.5-10 kg.

All Frugema Premium products are 100% allergen-free and without preservatives.

You do not have to label your products with additives and allergens.


Peeled apples

Various cuts
MHD: up to 12 days
Also available as frozen foods

Stoned plumps

Seasonally available 

Peeled carrots

Knife peeled or carbonated peeled potatoes

various cuts
MHD: min. 7 Days

Peeled Onions

Colour: yellow and red
various cuts

Apple Peel

about 25x10mm with variable 
fruit pulp or as a ringlet

100% without preservatives


  • cereal manufacturers
  • yoghurt producers
  • Tea producers 
  • Bakerys ecc.

All products are 100% allergen free and without preservatives !

Fruit Syrup
various flavours

List of available flavours:

We are partners for:

Bakery and Pastry

Wholesale bakeries and wholesalers for Bakery and pastry raw materials 


For fruits and vegetables

C&C Wholesalers

C&C Wholesalers 
for hotels and restaurants

Large Canteens and Hospitals

Delivery to large canteens and hospitals

Beverage Trade

Fruit Syrup