We are a medium-sized Family company in the south part of Austria-Carinthia.

In 1992 Frugema`s history began with the development of solutions for preserving freshcut products in collaboration with austrian food autorities. 

1993 we started with the production of freshcut potatoes, fruits and vegetables. We delivered to hospitals, caterigs, motorway Service areas, hotels and canteens.

Today we are setting the focus to improvement the preservation for freshcut products - peeled potatoes, peeled apples, fruits, freshcut salad and other vegetables. 

In Europe Frugema are preserving freshcut products since 20 years. 

We are proud to assert, that we are in case of the many experience what we have in preserving of freshcut products, connected with individual solutions-special for the requirement of production companies, which renowned companies count to our customers. 

In 2017 Frugema converted to Frugema KG.

Our offer is constantly expanding and currently we are active in the following business areas:

  • Frugema Freshness For Food - preservation of fruits, vegetables and salads 
  • Frugema Premium - Premium freshcut products 100% allergen-free and fruit-syrups 
  • Frugema Food Additives & More - Food additives from A-Z and used machines 
  • Frugema Packing - Fruit and vegetable packaging, foils and pouches, seal bowls, shipping and transportation