Frugema is your reliable partner                                         in the following business areas:

FRUGEMA Freshness For Food 

Our main business is focused on preserving and improving the quality of food products, especially fruit, salad and vegetable products. 

We are your competent partner for the most efficient preservation when it comes to peeled and sliced ​​potatoes, fruits, vegetables and salads. 

100% sulfur-free and allergen-free or on request with sulfur additive under the declaration. (according to law)

We also have the right and cost-effective solution for all fruits and vegetables.


Since 2017, Frugema has been offering freshcut products in cooperation with processing companies under the brand "Frugema Premium". 

100% allergen-free and without preservatives, combined with long shelf life without any loss of quality, opens up new dimentions in the market for freshcut products in logistics, profitability and marketing.

Manufactured in certified factories with state-of-the-art equipment, "Frugema Premium" products meet the highest food standards.

Our product range includes also fruit syrups.

FRUGEMA Food Additives & More

We supply additives from A-Z 

If required, mixed and packaged individually for you. 

Used Machines

Used machines that you no longer need you can offer for sale or inquire about used machines. 


We are full-service providers in the fruit, vegetables and food sectors. 
From preservation product improvement with Freshness for Food to packaging with Frugema Packing. 
We are expanding our offer every week and would be glad to count you among our satisfied customers. 
We can currently offer you the following products: