Sealed bags - Vacuum bags 

Products packed in a vacuum bag are of high quality because they preserve all natural ingredients (aroma, juiciness, appearance) and are protected from external influences. In our product range you can choose between shrink bag, sealed bag vacuum bag and cooking bag. 

Bag for:

> Meat> Seafood> Poultry> Fruits and Vegetables> Dairy and Cheese 

Standard sizes from 120x130mm to 400x600mm
Strenghts from 70 to 160mµ
Oversizes from 400x600 to customer specification


Close / open with pressure lock 

Easy, safe and functional opening and closing of bags regardless of product content. 

Hanging hole

Hanger holes allow you to offer your product in an innovative and user-friendly way, e.g. Shelves.

Edge at the edges (tear notch) 

They allow easy, manual opening without the use of scissors and other blades. To avoid problems opening the bag, we offer a system with notches. 

Valves for the release of inert gases (CO2) 

It allows the controlled release of gas from foods that contain or emit CO2 (roasted coffee in grains, etc.). 

Pressure and surface treatment: 

Premium multi-color printing, 
flexographic printing 
Possible matt outer surface,
embossing processing with the appearance of paper etc.