Paper bags with twisted cord 

Paper bags made of white or brown Kraft paper with twisted paper cord. 

Delivery Options:

  • From 4.000 Piece printed available
  • printable with up to 6 colours


  • H320 x W240 x D110
  • H340 x W260 x D120
  • H410 x W320 x  D120
  • H500 x W450 x D160

Shipping Cartons made of corrugated cardboard 

No matter which product you want to pack, we will deliver the suitable shipping box.

Dimensions: by agreement

Print: FLEXO Print


Sew (Wire 2,5 × 0,5 mm)

Stick with cold or hot adhesives 

Materials in transport packaging 

Standard corrugated board 

three layers - B, C and E wave

five layer combination of B and C wave

Transport packaging for fruits and vegetables 

Of course we can also supply transport boxes for your fruits and vegetables.


Large selection of PP adhesive tapes

Strengths and colors from: 28mμ to 35mμ

Width: 50mm

Length: 66, 132, 330, 660, 990 meters


Manuel tapes: 50mm wide 66m and 132m long

Machine tapes: 50 mm wide 330m, 660m and 990m long

Personalized print from  600 Pieces possible

Stretch foil for wrapping pallets 

Stretch films for machine or manual packaging. 

Different colors and thicknesses (8 to 35 mμ) 
Standard 150% to 250% stretch.


Manuell: 2,5 kg roll, 3 kg roll, 5 kg roll

Machinell: 10 kg roll, 16 kg roll, 50 kg JUMBO roll

Mini Stretch Foil: Handwrapping foil for wrapping small Products, 3 differents widths, 100 mm, 125 mm und 250 mm roll